Training Videos

The following are links and descriptions to all of the individual training videos. Or you can just click here to view all of the videos at once.

1 – The Template Interface
Make your own copy, enable scripts, release notes, feature backlog, data entry fundamentals including hidden rows & columns, where not to enter data, calculations, fixing formulas and removing previous data.

2-Your First Project
Entry types including parent tasks, child tasks, milestones, complete tasks and past due. Gantt colors, identifying today’s date in the Gantt chart and progress sparkline bar charts.

Linking to other tasks, basing tasks on today’s date and avoiding a dependent task from starting on a nonworking day.

4-Calendaring Functionality
Changing working days, adjusting work days per week, adjusting work days per month and managing the holiday calendar.

5-Gantt Chart Manipulations
Changing the Gantt chart start date, how to always start on the current week, how to always start on the previous week, changing the starting day of the work week, changing the Gantt chart interval and adding additional columns to the Gantt chart.

6-Advanced Task Manipulation
Indenting and outdenting tasks, rolling up tasks and a reminder about how the Fixing Formulas feature works and to be careful when dealing with rolled up tasks.

7-Action Items
Adding an action item, automatic generation of Unique IDs, creating a new AI from the currently selected project plan task, using standard Google Sheets filtering, filtering based on the currently selected project plan task and clearing the filter.

Identifying risks as yellow or red, adding comments to a plan, assigning tasks, inserting notes and introduction to action items.

9-Changing to European Date Formats
Changing the spreadsheet locale and reformatting date columns.

10-Just In Time Dependencies
How to plan tasks that lead up to a predetermined date. I walk you through planning a party that has to take place on a specific date.

11-New Features in Release 7.3
How to change column headings to your local language. Changed Gantt chart only highlight non-working days if the Gantt interval is daily.

12-How to Enable the Scripts
Walk through of how to enable the scripts on your sheet. This must be done the first time you use a new instance of the sheet.

13-Understanding Resource Utilization
Learn how to check if your resources are over-utilized in your JPMG Project Plan Template for Google Sheets.